Refrigerator Repair Company in San Antonio Texas!

Having a reliable refrigerator repair company in San Antonio is super important if your fridge breaks down; hundreds of dollars of food can be lost very quickly. Of all the types of appliance repairs needed refrigerator repairs are by far the most time-sensitive. Don’t throw good food away and let us help save you money! Precision Appliance Repair provides San Antonio refrigerator repair locals can depend on in their time of need.

Refrigerators can break down simply from just everyday use. They do get used a lot. If the do-it-yourself solution has proved unsuccessful, don’t waste anymore time! Your food is spoiling and you need an expert San Antonio appliance repair company to perform the refrigerator repair service at your home.

You’ll Need Refrigerator Repair If You Notice:refrigerator repair san antonio, san antonio refrigerator repair

  • Grinding noises
  • A burnt smell coming from the fridge
  • Running but not cooling
  • Water dispenser not working
  • Bulb burnt out
  • Touch panel not responding
  • Growing puddle of water underneath
  • Sweating

You may have a large or small stand-alone refrigerator, a mini fridge, a walk-in refrigerator, or an under the counter refrigerator unit, we have the refrigerator repair service you want and need. It makes no difference to us. Time is of the essence and we are here to help! When you find yourself in need of expert San Antonio refrigerator repair, reach us at: (210) 960-9870.

Trusty San Antonio Freezer Repair Service!

We offer affordable San Antonio freezer repair because we care about your freezer and whatever we can to offer the best freezer repair service available in the San Antonio area. Freezers are powerful appliances and not the cheapest to replace. When and if your freezer breaks down on you, hundreds of dollars of food can be lost very quickly. Freezer repair is super time sensitive so when yours breaks down, having a reliable freezer repair company in San Antonio available is very helpful! Performing freezer maintenance and having it expertly repaired when necessary can save you money when compared to buying a new unit. We employ repair techs who are highly trained in performing all types of freezer repair issues, regardless of type of brand. Contact Precision Appliance Repair when you want the most affordable and reliable freezer repair San Antonio provides – (210) 960-9870!freezer repair san antonio, san antonio freezer repair

Seek Freezer Repair When:

  • Ice build-up
  • Running but not cooling
  • Unresponsive control panel
  • Running constantly
  • Ice build up
  • Broken hinges or torn gaskets
  • Making a clicking sound
  • Leaking water
  • Indicator light is out
  • Ice maker not making ice

Expert San Antonio Ice Machine Maker Repair

Do you like a glass of room-temperature water? Perhaps a warm glass of lemonade? Not very likely!  During hot summer months when the days are sweltering most of us can’t get by without ice, most but not all of us. The local grocery store or the corner gas station supply ice, but why should you have to go buy it when you have an ice maker at home? Don’t get frustrated when you find yourself in need of ice machine maker repair. Even if you don’t use the ice machine maker that often, problems with the unit can still arise, regardless of the ice machine maker being under-the-sink unit, counter top unit, or installed in your fridge door.

Look Into Ice Machine Maker Repair:ice maker repair san antonio, san antonio ice maker repair

  • Leaking water
  • Unit freezing over
  • Strange or loud noises
  • Keypad not working
  • Ice smells or tastes strange
  • Dispenser not releasing water/ice
  • Overheating or over freezing
  • Ice misshapen



San Antonio’s Ice Machine Maker, Freezer and Fridge Repair Company

Our technicians are trained and specialize in performing all refrigerator repair, freezer repair, and ice machine repair  issues, regardless of type of fridge or ice maker or the brand. We are your local answer to all your San Antonio refrigerator repair, freezer repair, and ice machine maker repair needs can help you no matter the issue! Don’t let hundreds of dollars in food go to waste, dial us now when you need refrigerator repair!  (210) 960-9870!

Tip: If your refrigerator is making funny sounds or performing poorly, it could be the result of a a defective part. These parts need to be serviced by an experienced refrigerator repair technician, avoiding these problems now could cost your money in the long term.

Tip: If your refrigerator ice machine maker is performing poorly, it could be the result of a clogged water line or a defective inlet valve. These need to be serviced by an experienced refrigerator ice machine maker repair technician before they make your refrigerator stop working all together.