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Having a reliable San Antonio washer dryer repair company is very important because of the amount of abuse home washing machine and dryers receive. Throughout a washer’s normal life, the rigorous cycles ofwasher dryer repair heating, filling, draining, and spinning take their toll. Because of this, washing machines and clothes dryers are often in need of repairs.

Precision Appliance Repair are San Antonio washer dryer repair specialists! We employ techs who are highly trained in washing machine repair and clothes dryer repair. We are equipped to handle any washer dryer repair thrown at us. We can identify and repair your appliance problems in the shortest time possible. Call our Precision Appliance Repair team at (210) 960-9870 now!

At Precision Appliance Repair, we have the best resources to provide washer repair services by fixing all models and brands. If experiencing any of the washer problems listed below, we recommend contacting our friendly trained techs for an appointment.

Seek Washing Machine Repair If:

  • Leaking or Not Draining
  • Giving you an error code
  • Not spinning / Stuck in a rinse / Spin cycle
  • Not agitating
  • Making too much noise
  • Excessively vibrating or bouncing
  • Not filling with water
  • Smelly

Seek Clothes Dryer Repair If:

  • Getting too hot and possibly smokes
  • Not getting hot enough
  • Not tumbling
  • Excessively noisy or squeaking
  • Not drying properly
  • Giving you an error code
  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Not turning on

Local & Affordable Washer Dryer Repair in San Antonio Texas!

We are the affordable Precision Appliance Repair to contact straight away when you find yourself in need of washer dryer repair in San Antonio! We are the best local choice for washing machine repair and clothes dryer repair you can trust to not fail! Time is of the essence and we are here to help! Don’t worry if you don’t know what the problem is, we can figure it out for you. Reach us at (210) 960-9870. Your unit will be diagnosed to determine its the issue. After that we will perform the type of washer dryer repair service that is needed to bring either your washing machine or clothes dryer repair back to life! As though it was never broken and humming like new.

Tip: Replace the rubber water supply hoses that connect to the water supply at least every five years. Check them periodically for cracking, splitting, or stiffness. If you see evidence of this, replace them sooner. When replacing the hoses, use a turn or two of Teflon tape on the threads of the hot and cold spigot and the back of the washer as well. This will make removal much easier down the line.

Tip: If you accidentally use too much soap in your high-efficiency washer and the washer starts to overflow with suds, stop the cycle and remove the load. Add some fabric softener and run the wash cycle until the end. This will remove the suds.

Tip: Use aluminum ducting rather than plastic to vent your dryer. Metal is more efficient and greatly reduces the risk of fire.


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